Vita. Health Hub + Sense Board

Meet Vita. The smart kitchen assistant and chopping board that sits at the heart of the home, making it easier than ever to prepare, cook, portion and track healthy food.


University project


8 months



The Problem

A third of people in the UK underestimate how many calories they are eating, according to an analysis from the Office of National Statistics data a Poor diet has the highest impact on the NHS budget, costing around £6 billion per year.

Despite this, 250,000 tonnes of edible food goes to waste each year, that’s enough for 650 million meals.


User Persona


Finance manager

User Interface

Wireframes of the user journeys within the UI were created, these were used as a base for further development which saw the creation of wireframes for all main functions of the Vita health hub. Interactive prototypes of the UI were created and used to test the user experience, this allowed for feedback, pain points and insights to be gathered which became the foundation for the final user interface.

Prototyping & Testing

User testing, observation and evaluation is an integral part of any iterative design process to allow pain points, insights and areas for improvement to be highlighted. Covid-19 dramatically changed the world, creating obstacles that directly impacted the ability to undertake user testing in the normal manner for this project. This led to the implementation of new and alternative testing methods in order to try and engage with users to develop the product as best as possible. 

Design For Manufacture

The Vita health hub and Chopping board went through a detailed design for manufacture phase, which considered CAD models, intenal and external design detailing, electronic components, material choices and assembly for a mass manufacturable product. 

Final Design

By selecting who you are cooking for Vita can optimise the food quantities you use, so everyone in the home gets the perfect size meal for them, while reducing excess food that would go to waste.

The smart chopping board uses built in force sensors allowing it to weigh and provide real time nutritional information on the foods placed upon it, helping educate users while they cook.

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